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Are you confident that you can pick the best diet pill on the shelves in the supermarket? It is daunting and often a very intimidating task to identify which of the dietary supplements on sale are safe and which aren’t. The $37 billion industry is not governed by any stringent regulations and rules making it all the more worrying. The riskiest of them are the diet pills and the muscle building supplements. There have been several tragic incidents where people have lost their lives due to the intake of illegal diet pills. Many of the products on sale do not list all the ingredients used to formulate them leading to these tragedies.  Hence, those that wish to offer these products on their shelves must know about their legal rights.

Legal rights of diet pills sellers

Before we proceed further you must know that just about anybody can manufacture and sell supplements. It is only when tragedy strikes and the case is proven can FDA take action against the culprits. Having said that, most of the diet pills on sale are prescription based and cannot be had over the counter. This is some relief to the pharmacies, grocery stores and supermarkets who cannot be held liable for the irresponsible sale of diet pills.

A seller cannot be punished for the sale of diet pills if he informs the purchaser before the sale of the advantages and related side effects of a drug. You are well within your rights to sell any supplements as long as you believe that the product contains only the ingredients stated and is not illegal to your knowledge.

In general, supplement manufacturers must apply for FDA approval before the product is up for sale. They must provide the list of the ingredients in the supplement. Only after FDA concludes that the product is safe can it be marketed.

FDA can only take action if the ill effects of a supplement are brought to its notice, till such time the onus is on the seller; it is for them to choose. Right now, there is no law that stops the sale of diet pills.…