Not so Genuine at All

The word genuine in a leather wallet and is not all genuine. This is a general belief. Why specify it is genuine. Leather wallets, these two are enough to advertise its authenticity. Men love their leather wallets. It is a must have. Their belts too need the soft pliable feel of leather.

Good quality leather is comparatively high priced. The softness and the feel of it are different too. There are many types of leather, but the one labeled as genuine would be lowest quality one. It is just a promotional gimmick. An extremely good quality leather will look better with age. The big brands in the market will be the best choice for buying really sound leather wallets, belts and bags. They might even come with a legal stamp of authentic leather product. Though the quality cannot be an issue of legal debate, the well-known brands in the market would maintain the quality of leather used, to keep away from negative publicity. Salespersons will use the choicest of words to sell the so-called genuine leather product but beware.

The Genuine leather wallet is a cheaper version of leather. Which is easily affordable by many as compared to high quality branded leather products in the designer showroom. Leather can survive many years without needing replacement. This is a good enough reason for the men to invest in an expensive leather wallet from a branded shop. A good leather wallet doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable when kept in the trouser pocket. Its quality is visible to the naked eye, as it is very different from the various leather products one gets in local shops. The leather is one material which even the best of fake brands cannot duplicate. So the upmarket brands selling wallets will never market the leather as genuine.

But many a case was fought in consumer courts for having been cheated with a fake as genuine. It is easy to prove a fake. So beware while making the purchase lest you get into legal hassles.