Safety of skin whitening

Those ugly pigmentation marks!

The day I came back home after my nursing home visit, I was terrified to look at myself in the mirror. My face and my neck had started developing pigmentation marks. They looked like freckles on my skin but thankfully they were not. My obstetrician had warned me against using any skin pigment during my pregnancy itself assuring me well that the pigmentation will vanish as soon as they have appeared.

The active ingredients in the skin whitening crèmes interfere with the growth of the fetus:

The warning was enough to make me stay away from anything that I would have generally panicked and applied on my face and neck downwards, I remember not even enjoying my baby shower because I was feeling very conscious about the marks and I had prohibited people from taking any pictures of me as well. That was a harrowing time not because of pregnancy but because of the ugly marks on my face.

I delivered and still the marks wouldn’t go!

Two months even after delivery, the pigmentation mark lightened but they wouldn’t go! The doc asked me to wait for some more time so that they eventually fade off. But they stayed albeit lighter. As if postpartum depression wasn’t enough, I was slipping into bigger trauma because now I did not even want to wake up from my bed and get dressed. My life was on the rocks.

All natural skin lightening cream:

I did a detailed study of the various lightening crèmes that were in the market and zeroed on this one. The website however stated in its legal disclaimer that the treatment had to be adopted only after a physician’s advice. It was not for self-medication. Clearly, the legality proved to the fact that the application crème and the pills that were to be taken were not cosmetic but medical in nature.