Should I be worried about the law when using CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is touted to be the new miracle drug–a panacea of sorts. Users have claimed to be relieved of several kinds of illness and conditions by using the CBD oil.

Before knowing if it is legal to use the CBD oil you must understand that Cannabidiol is derived from two different sources: industrial hemp and the cannabis plant which is also called the medical marijuana.

What makes marijuana undesirable in the THC, a psychotic component that has mind-altering properties. Medical marijuana has a little bit of cannabidiol also which incidentally is not psychoactive component.

Probably that is the reason that CBD derived from cannabis is illegal while that derived from industrial hemp is legal in almost all the 50 states of America.

Eric Holcomb the Governor of Indiana had ordered all retailers to take the oil off the shelves even the Hemp derived CBD. While the risk of misuse is large, according to federal law using CBD derived from hemp except is legal.

While there are no clear rules which state that CBD oil is illegal; due to the uncertainty on the origin and the nature of the oil, the use of CBD in some counties is banned while it is legal in other. It is considered legal if derived from hemp grown locally or when sourced from industrial hemp abroad.

The DEA but persists with its claim that using CBD oil is illegal as they gave permission for research and not for commercial purposes which are ironic considering the fact that the oil is available across most of the dispensaries and supermarket pharmacies.

Thus, despite all CBDOil benefits according to Melvin Patterson, Spokesperson of the US Drug Enforcement Agency all hemp products are illegal. The only reprieve is that when the oil is used to treat epileptic patients to ease their seizures it is considered to be legal.