Legal help is sought for by everyone at some point. In America, there is justice gap and people struggle to get legal counsel. In criminal matters they get the right to have an attorney, whereas in civil court they do it on their own. And they charge $7.25 an hour which is not affordable by many. Fortunately, there are certain organizations and individuals who can help the low and moderate income group to get justice.

  1. Legal group service plans:  This Group Legal services Association is for those people who cannot funnel out huge money on attorney. This group charges a nominal fee of $20 a month and provides unlimited consultation access. This is the right forum for the underprivileged to get access to legal system in US.

  1. Online legal help: There are many groups that provide legal help over the internet and some give legal advice for absolutely free. This is widely used by those who are technologically advanced to deal with the online system. They help in preparing various legal documents and also will.

3 Legal clinics: Many law colleges have legal clinics in their premises which comprise the law students. The prospective attorneys thus derive significant experience in practicing law under the supervision of the senior attorneys. This aims in providing legal help to the underprivileged and is almost free. These are the main channels in bridging the legal gap in the US.

  1. Non profits: In US there is the non profits legal aid organizations that provide free or low cost help to the citizens. These services are for the low income group.

  1. Individual attorneys: It is wise to search for individual attorneys who are cheap, low cost and can provide affordable legal help. The Myrtle Beach lawyer are affordable group of lawyers who provide the best legal help.

By using all these services everyone can get legal help irrespective of their income.